"What if" is the main thing that many college football fans ask each other. In this article that "What if" would be What if the season was over, who would the conference champions be? In the C-USA it would be Marshall vs. Houston. Houston would easily win that game and head to the Liberty Bowl. Houston has the quarterback but Marshall doesn't Houston has the running back but Marshall doesn't Now you know why I said that Houston would win. In the MAC it would be Temple vs. Central Michigan. Central Michigan would win by a long shot because they have more experience in those big games. But know who will win the MAC? The winner will be TCU or Utah. I think TCU will win because I am pretty sure that TCU will beat Utah in the regular season in a very close game. Do you see any surprises in those champions? Well if you do I am thinking one of them would be Temple. I bet you would agree with me in your sleep. Marshall is also a surprise because they haven't been as dominant lately. Now you know who the champions would be if the season was over now. But of course it is not. So all of this info is just plain fiction.

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