Many college football fans ask "What If" questions. In this particular article I will answer two questions? One of those questions are "Who Would be the Conference Champions in the Season was Over?" I will answer that question and after that I will tell you guys the other one and then obviously answer it.
In the ACC it would be Clemson vs. Georgia Tech. If you are surprised that Boston College isn't in the conference championship you will find out why. Boston College lost to Clemson 25-7 earlier in the season. Who do I think will win and how? I think Georgia Tech will win and head to the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida mainly because of their running success. I don't think any team can stop the Yellow Jackets from running the football very well. Now what about the Big East. We have to show that conference some respect, right? In that conference that champion would be Pittsburgh or Cincinnati. But if the season ended right at this second, the winner would be Pittsburgh by one win. Pittsburgh would win the Big East mainly because they never quit even when they are losing by a long shot. The Big 10 may be the conference with the best teams of this 4 conferences I am talking about. The champion would easily be Iowa because of their veteran moves and their quarterback Ricky Stanzi. The Big 12 has had many surprises in the terms of LOSING. But the conference championship game will be Texas vs. Kansas State. Texas will win this game by a mile with all of their play makers on their football team. For my second question "Do You See Any Surprises With Conferences Champions?" The only surprise in my books would be Kansas State beating out Missouri and Kansas. Other then the Big 12 match I would have agreed with these champions at the beginning of the season. But of course the season isn't over quite yet, so right now all of this champions are just plain fiction.


1/9/2010 07:21:28 pm

Go Miami!


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